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Choose an ARCHITECTURE in `` and set the corresponding
variable on top (for all practical purposes this should be 'pentium4').
-Run `` builds a docker image named `archlinux32`
-using `i686` architecture packages.
+Running `` builds a docker image named `archlinux32`
+using the architecture packages picked above.
-Run `uname -m` in the shell started with
+Running `uname -m` in the shell started with
`docker run -it archlinux32 /usr/bin/linux32 /bin/bash` indeed
-shows `i686` (Note: it shows `i686` for `i686` and `pentium4`,
+shows `i486` or `i686` (Note: it shows `i686` for `i686` and `pentium4`,
also note that a docker chroot doesn't emulate CPU flags like SSE/SSE2 in